Men's Premium Cotton Classic Boston Mutt

We all know the classic Boston stereotype, Irish, or Italian right? Well guess what people... Irish and Italians get along real well. I mean really well. I am proof of it, half Italian, half Irish. Classic Boston Mutt. WITH PRIDE.

Our premium cotton everyday, everywear T-shirt material is world class.


In New England, we are the city of Champions. Be part of the excitement with a Wicked Pissahh product that has the best material, unique designs, all from a wicked fun company focused on 100% customer satisfaction. Most importantly we are fans just like you!

  • Wicked high-quality fabrics
  • Wicked unique designs
  • Wicked fast shipping
  • Wicked awesome customer experience and satisfaction 

If you don't see a design, size, color like let us know and we can see what we can do to design something custom. Come join our Wicked family!

Our hats are of superior quality and comfort. Toss one of these bad boys on when you are having a bad hair day!


  • Tank (Run's True to Size)
  • Size Chart
  • V-Neck (Runs True to Size)
  • Size Chart
  • T-Shirt (Runs True to Size)
  • Size Chart
  • Long Sleeve (Runs True to Size)
  • Size Chart

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