Why the Patriots 2019 Draft Class could be so vital to this teams Reign of Dominance long after Brady?

Why the Patriots 2019 Draft Class could be so vital to this teams Reign of Dominance long after Brady?

May 25, 2019

Well, the Patriots finally did it! They found their guy for life after Tom Brady. Not a lot of New England fans know much about 4th Round Pick Jarrett Stidham from Auburn but I can tell you he is about as good as you can get coming from college to the NFL. Many felt, in 2018, that Stidham would have been a   pick had he left college early, even with 5 QBs coming off the board in the first round.

This pick was crucial because it's showing the fans what "Life After Brady" will look like. Stidham can chuck it all over the field and he has a legit arm coupled with decent athletic ability to keep plays alive and avoid trouble. If Brady plays for 3 more years it will be hugely beneficial to this kid because he will be learning from the Greatest Quarterback of All Time.

The steal of the draft came in Round 3 and it was again the Patriots making noise as they selected Chase Winovich from Michigan. Winovichs motor and football makes him a no brainer first round talent but his lack of size made him fall a couple of rounds. I compare Winovich to the Tedy Bruschi, Zach Thomas type of prospect because both guys were undersized when they first came into the league and they both ended up being Pro Bowlers many times over. I think once this kid learns Bill's defensive scheme he will be as ferocious off the edge as anyone we have seen wearing a Patriots uniform.

In Round 1 the Patriots finally took a wide receiver with A+ talent. N'keal Harry from Arizona St. is said to have the best hands in college and matching that with his height and speed could be as deadly a deep threat wideout outside the numbers we have seen since Randy Moss in 2007. With Brady still being able to throw a really good deep ball I think things will get really exciting once Harry learns the offensive sets.

The future couldn't be brighter in New England and the Patriots reign at the top could be here for years to come. I think the most exciting part for all these draft picks is that none of them will be thrown to the wolves and be asked to do things they may not be able to do. All of them will have ample time to learn the pro game as well as being able to be taught by some of the greatest minds in the NFL.

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