Why Boston has made Wicked Pissahh famous

Why Boston has made Wicked Pissahh famous

May 25, 2019

Boston, a city for its rich history, has been known lately for its rebirth/streak of sport Championships. 

  • Patriots Superbowl wins 2001,03,04,12,16,18
  • Red Sox World Series wins 2004,07,13,18
  • Celtics NBA Championship in 2008
  • Bruin Stanley Cup in 2011

Boston, at times called the city of champions, has made slang words like Wicked Pissah more common today than years past. At times quoted in movies and now used to simply describe something just awesome. Some examples we are seeing today is, Wicked Pissah boat names, ice cream, using the word to describe anything really awesome and this is the reason why we have selected our company name as  Wicked Pissahh!!!!! 

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