The Red Sox Rocky Start....

The Red Sox Rocky Start....

August 08, 2020

The Red Sox are off to a less than stellar start going 3-7 over their first ten games

he Red Sox are off to a less than stellar start going 3-7 over their first ten games. The good news is there still 50 more games to be decided.

What’s up everyone? It’s time for a look at the first ten games and from the start it looks to be a long season for our beloved Red Sox. After an explosion of offense on opening night along with a great outing by Nasty Nate, it looked like the Red Sox were going to prove a lot of the critics wrong. Then they had to play the second game of the season and the Opening Day onslaught was short lived. If we have learned one thing over the first ten games it’s simply this; the Red Sox need pitching! After going through the rest of the rotation, Ron Roenicke seems to have no plans on what he’s going to be able to do after he uses Eovaldi. Perez and Webber have drastically underperformed and it seems like he’s been put in a very unfavorable position. One where he’s simply just trying guys out in hopes of finding help. Now this wouldn’t be so bad in a 60 game season if the second and third starters were lock down starters but as we saw against the Orioles that just is not the case. Through the first ten games of the season Red Sox pitching is ranked 28th in the league. Currently they don’t appear to have a solid second or third starter in Weber and Perez and the four and five spots in the rotation are practically nonexistent at this point. From the looks of things we will likely see back to back openers which, could work if Roenicke keeps everyone on a short leash and doesn’t try to overextend to save innings from an otherwise unreliable bullpen. Speaking of the bullpen, the only signs of real life come from Heath Hembree. In 2019, Hembree appeared in 45 games with an ERA of 3.86 and this season has already been in 5 games with an impressive 1.69 ERA. After Hembree however, it gets scarce and outside of Chris Mazza and Phillips Valdez who have both showed some early promise in their limited work there’s major concerns within the bullpen as well as starting rotation. For now though, all we can do is wait and see how the next ten games play out and hopefully in that span Roenicke will be able to see who performs or underperforms to help him make decisions on who gives the Sox the best chance to collect some much needed wins.

Chris Mazza

Regardless of the pitching issues one thing cannot be overlooked and that’s this: You cannot win if you don’t score. Which brings us to the next issue at hand which, is the nonexistent offense Boston has displayed. After Opening Day the team has struggled to put runs on the board and has far underperformed but did show some fight during these last couple games against both New York teams including back to back wins over the Metropolitans. Through the first ten games it really just seems like they are stuck in what some might call a “spring training funk” as some guys are way out in front of pitches or way behind on some that they would normally be crushing out of the park and into a cardboard cutout. One positive takeaway thanks to covid is I’ve been watching more games and most of the league looks to have similar difficulties. I also do believe that, after watching them battle in their lose Sunday night that these next 10 will look much different. Obviously, a large part of that happening relies on players like JD, Moreland, and Chavis getting hot and that will give the Sox a real chance to be able to compete down the stretch which, really isn’t that far away. If they can come around while other contributors such as Pillar, JBJ, and Bogaerts maintain their performances they can start to win and win convincingly.

Xander Bogaerts

So, with ten games in the book, the Red Sox sit at 3-7. There is however hope for a quick turnaround as they have two against Tampa, followed by four against Toronto, and then they get three more against Tampa before heading back to the Bronx. This season more than ever it is absolutely paramount to win these division games and remember, it’s not about just competing for the division title but the second place teams get in as well. Thank you for reading another article posted by Fenway Faithful Sports written By Mosess Menendez and be sure to check out our flagship podcast that you can find in our menu button. This is just the first 10 games for the Red Sox 2020 . if you have any thoughts on the start just comment where you see it at and let’s have some fun talking about it .Lets Go Red Sox!!

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