The Boston Red Sox have been ruled not guilt by the federal judge, but why not the MLB?

The Boston Red Sox have been ruled not guilt by the federal judge, but why not the MLB?

May 06, 2020

Just one day after what would of been the opening day matchup at Fenway Park for the Boston Red Sox against the Chicago White Sox comes the news that Federal Judge Jed Rakoff dismissed the Red Sox Sign-Stealing Lawsuit in Federal Court. Now, for some of you that didn’t know this or have just hiding in a bomb shelter due to the recent Covid-19 outbreak, there was a federal lawsuit seeking a collective $5 million in monetary damages and a 52-page complaint against Houston, the Red Sox, and the MLB linking the cheating scandal involving both teams to consumer rights. Judge Rakoff put his ruling in 32 pages on why the Red Sox were not found guilty.

This brings us to the next big question in what is taking the MLB so long to make a decision: whether or not the Red Sox are guilty. So far, since the investigation started, the MLB have pushed their decision on the Red Sox three times, inconclusive on their final decision. Now, with the 2020 season up in the air, it is hard to say what the hold up is, but if MLB is on lockdown, like the rest of us, then what is the hold up? Maybe it’s the fact that MLB has nothing on the 2018 Red Sox, and they don’t want to admit it. Maybe the MLB doesn’t want to see Alex Cora back; or maybe because they know Cora would be welcomed back with open arms to the Red Sox . Unfortunately, only time will tell, just like everything else in this crazy world right now. But the decision will be interesting since the Federal Court System has already cleared the Boston Red Sox. Be sure to continue following Fenway Faithful Sports, as we will be covering this case until they make a decision. As always, thank you for reading another article posted by Fenway Faithful.

Written by Mosess Menendez found on IG @the_Mosess_Mania

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