Is Tom Brady done playing for the New England Patriots?

Is Tom Brady done playing for the New England Patriots?

January 09, 2020

Is Tom Brady going to play football again? Return to the Patriots? Be any good?

There is a lot of speculation swirling around Tom Brady and his future in the NFL in general. Even if he comes back will it be with the Patriots? Then you have questions concerning Josh McDaniels, and his future with the Patriots. McDaniel’s being one of the best Offensive Coordinators in the NFL, it’s hard to imagine he isn’t considering his future somewhere as a head coach. Finally with the recent loss of Joe Judge to the New York “Garbage” Giants as a head coach the landscape of the New England Patriots team is going to no doubt look drastically different come next season.

A deeper look at Tom Brady aka the G.O.A.T.

There is no question Brady is the best quarterback to ever play the game. Anyone who disagrees should probably lay off the peace pipe for a while. Although Brady did not have a great season I believe this was due to the injured offensive line, and a depleted receiving core, plagued by injuries, locker room woes, and who could forget sexual harassment and assault allegations. Some huge losses this season for Patriot’s offensive weapons, Josh Gordon, Antonio Brown, Robert Gronkowski, and Gunner Olszewski placed on IR near the end of the season, to name a few.

We knew Gronk wasn’t coming back, so no surprise there, but were unable to find a replacement even half as good, and it may be years before the league sees another Tight End of his caliber.

-Still a huge loss for Brady-

Antonio Brown fell like a gift from football heaven, and everyone in Patriots Nation believed our prayers answered and felt this year’s Super Bowl was ours to lose. Turns out Brown was kind of a sleazy, scumbag, who treats women like trash, allegedly. But in my opinion guys like that, no matter the talent, have no place in our locker room.

-Whatever your opinion, he was a huge offensive loss-

The Patriots also had high (no pun intended) hopes for Josh Gordon this season. It seemed like he drank the Brady/Belichick kool-aid, and was going to get his career on the right track. And why wouldn’t he? In an organization that is poised to win a seventh Super bowl ring, playing underneath the greatest quarter back ever, he had every incentive to get his head straight and count his blessing’s with the Pats. Unfortunately even all this potential wasn’t enough for him to keep himself out of trouble, and yet again another weapon lost.

-It’s still unclear why the Patriots got rid of Gordon. But it is clear Brady lost another huge weapon-

The Patriots offensive line was also a weak spot due to under-performance and injuries. To start off the season without David Andrews was a huge setback for the Patriots, losing him before week 1. Isaiah Wynn was also placed on the IR just one game into the season, he was supposed to be the Patriots starting left tackle, and make a huge impact in the 2020 season. He did come back at the end of the season, but it was too little too late. A big disappointment, but this is the NFL, and every team has to deal with these types of problems, and overcome them.

Also protection at the end of the line is lacking with Gronkowski’s absence this year, Losing Matt LaCosse to injuries and Ryan Izzo still playing catchup and learning the game. On the bright side, Ben Watson and Eric Tomlinson were signed and were able to soften the blow somewhat.

These key losses to the offensive line have negatively impacted the Patriots’ ability to run the ball. When a football team becomes one-dimensional, they become very predictable; and that’s what has happened to the Patriots offense this season. Marshall Newhouse and Ted Karras are improving, but they are getting blown-up entirely too often for Tom Brady to handle. It frustrates Brady to no end when he doesn’t even have the chance to make a play.

Finally Brady’s age could be showing, no matter how immortal we all want to believe he is. I personally believe his drive and determination are as strong as they have ever been. Brady excels when the analyst and commentators all say he can’t do it anymore. This season, and off season will be no different. The haters, and non-believers will be coming from all 4 corners of the sports world. Claiming he is too old, doesn’t have the arm, or whatever else their pee brains can come up with. Brady will hear about the doubters one way or the other, and I predict this will not only guarantee his return to the NFL, but his return to the Patriots. And the Patriots will take him, even if Belichick has problems with it and would rather start looking for his replacement. Tom Brady is an institution, a worldwide sports phenomenon, a New England Sports legend. He has redefined taking care of your body, and athletic training. This guy literally re-invented the freaking “training” wheel.

Brady still has plenty left in the tank, mentally he has never looked better. He feeds off people who say “he’s done.”, “he can’t do it.”, or “he’s old.” Brady is a true leader in the locker room, and almost every team in the NFL would kill to have someone like him in theirs. He trains harder in the off season than any other player, and dare we say it… still looks young and sexy as hell!

So yes Brady will return, Belichick will hopefully make adjustments to our coaching staff, offensive line, and receiving core to give Brady the tools he needs to win that coveted 7th ring.

Keep the faith, don’t be that guy that started saying we should get rid of Brady just before he wins us another Super Bowl. Or your friends will just clown on you.

-Wicked Pissahh

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