Free Josh Gordon!

Free Josh Gordon!

June 26, 2019

By Kimmy P.

Should Josh "Flash" Gordon be reinstated into the NFL? It’s no secret that Gordon has struggled with mental and substance abuse issues and failed multiple drug tests over the years, but should the NFL really be suspending players just because they smoke weed? The only thing Gordon tested positive for was marijuana! I’m not saying I condone illegal drug use but I'm pretty sure that marijuana is not a performance enhancing drug! And it's been legalized for medical and recreational purposes in many states! Why the hell should it stop someone from playing football? Shouldn't the NFL be giving him the opportunity to do better instead of suspending him?! I truly believe that if given the opportunity to play football and be around people who want to see him succeed, who will be there for him unconditionally, like the Patriots have been, could be a great thing for Josh

This brings me to the New England Patriots organization. Tom Brady, being the stand up guy he is, has been mentoring Gordon on and off the field for some time now. We’ve all seen Tom’s Instagram posts about his recent workouts with Gordon, and we’ve seen the articles stating that Tom and his wife, Giselle Bundchen, have been spending a lot of time with Gordon including nights out for dinner. Tom has taken it upon himself to take Gordon under his wing to try to help him through his struggles and keep him focused on football instead of the negative issues. The Patriots organization as a whole has also been very generous with their support even signing Gordon to the restricted free-agent tender showing they want him to be a Patriot if and when he is reinstated. The players want to see him do well in life and in the NFL. Wide receiver Julian Edelman has even publicly expressed that he would love to have Josh Gordon back on the roster.

I understand that illegal drug use is a massive issue in this country. All of us here at Wicked Pissahh have seen it in one way or another. It's heartbreaking seeing someone you care about or someone you grew up with go down that path. And even harder to see someone lose that battle. All you want to do is help them. We have partnered with in hopes of bringing awareness to the issues of overcoming addiction.

We wish Josh Gordon all the best whether he returns to the NFL or not. But we are secretly keeping our fingers crossed that the commissioner will take his head out of his butt long enough to give Gordon the opportunity to help the Patriots win another Superbowl. C'mon Roger! What are you afraid of?!

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