6 Forgotten Red Sox Players by Mosess Menendez

6 Forgotten Red Sox Players by Mosess Menendez

June 04, 2020

In the time of no baseball due to covid 19 today we look back on 6 players that you may not of knew even played for the Red Sox. As The Red Sox have brought in many players over the years, but a lot of their signings didn’t work out or last as long as expected. This list of players is a list I made and I’m sure I’ve missed a handful of players but that’s where you write in who should be on the list. When you think about those winning Red Sox teams you think of David Ortiz , Pedro Martinez , Dustin Pedroia or evening Steve Pearce these days. These championship winning players make it easy to forget some of the lesser remembered Red Sox that played either for not very good Red Sox line-ups, weren’t on the team very long or had very subpar seasons with the team themselves. In this article, we take a look at 6 of these players that fans may have forgotten played for the Boston Red Sox.

Starting with number 6 being one of my favorite players of all time as a kid Jose Canseco aka “The Godfather of steroids “ who played for the Red Sox in 1995-96. Who If isn’t remembered for his off the field experimentations with steroids , his writings about those experimentations with bringing steroids to the game or the Home run he gave up off his head, Jose Canseco can definitely be remembered for being the first player ever to go 40/40.(40 home runs /40 stolen bases). Canseco came to the Red Sox a 6 time All-Star with other Awards including his 4 Silver Slugger Awards, his Rookie of the Year, AL MVP, MLB RBI Leader Awards and his 2 time MLB Home Run Leader Awards as well. Canseco would bounced from Texas to Boston where he had solid number for the first year hitting 24 home runs driving in 81 but with year two he was injured a lot and eventual got traded after season.

Jose canseco

Moving on to number 5 on the list being Yoenis Céspedes in the year 2014 where. The Red Sox started the 2014 season hoping to repeat as World Series champions but By midseason, they chose to rebuild on the fly. Jon Lester, John Lackey, Andrew Miller, Jonny Gomes and Stephen Drew were traded July 31. The Lester deal brought Cespedes and his big bat to the Red Sox but it wasn’t that big of a return as he only hit 5 home runs and batted in 33. It was an uneventful 51-game stint for Cespedes as a Red Sox but Rather than bringing Cespedes back in 2015, Red Sox instead traded the slugger to the Tigers for Rick Porcello. That wound up being a strong move as we all know what would come of Porcello aka “Pretty Ricky”.

Yoenis Céspedes

Coming in at number 4 is a guy I didn’t even know was a Red Sox til I saw it on YouTube at 3am David Cone and the year being 2001. Cone was a pitching force during the Skankees’ dynasty years from 1996-2000, Cone was looking for a job in 2001. Where Red Sox general manager Dan “doucbag”Duquette signed him to a one-year deal. Cone had a decent season (9-7, 4.31 ERA) that represented a nice bounce back from the struggles he faced in his final year with the skankees. But it wasn’t enough for a 2001 Red Sox team that had major injuries to major key players like Pedro Martinez and Nomar Garciaparra and serious chemistry issues. Cone was not ask back as the team moved on from him quickly.

David cone

Moving on to the following year 2002 coming in at number 3 Ricky Henderson. The year was 2002, and Henderson was a backup for the first time in his career. Henderson stole just eight of his MLB-record 1,406 bases for The Red Sox while playing in 72 games. On the final day of that regular season, Red Sox ownership presented Henderson with a car during a somewhat awkward ceremony. Which if you look it up on YouTube it’s hilarious as the team Thought he was retiring a Red Sox. Henderson came out saying after the game he never spoke to ownership about any retirement. As 2002 wasn’t quite the last ride for Henderson and Did play in 30 games for the Dodgers in ’03 that didn’t workout so well and at last called it a career after dealing with injuries. Henderson will always be considered the finest leadoff man of all-time when not in a Red Sox uniform And went into the Hall of Fame in 2009.

Ricky Henderson

With just 2 more players on this list let’s go back to 2001 where the injury stint Red Sox not only had David cone but also had number 2 on our list Hideo Nomo. As in 2001 Nomo had a spectacular debut for the Red Sox as he fired a no-hitter at Camden Yards against the Orioles in the second game of the regular season. Nomo wouldn’t be that great all year though as he pitched to a (13-10, 4.50 ERA) and didn’t match the top form he had earlier in his career with the Dodgers, but he did lead the AL with 220 strikeouts in 2001. After his one-and-done season in Boston, Nomo reunited with the Dodgers and sparkled, going 16-6 with a 3.39 ERA in ’02. To bad Rickey Henderson didn’t get any of that spark 🤣.

Hideo Nomo

Coming in at number one is the “Goat” and no we’re not talking about Tom Brady but instead we’re talking Bartolo Colon in the year2008. Yes that’s Right! Colon played for the Red Sox in 2008. You probably barely remember it as He signed in Spring Training and pitched just seven games that season, finishing 4-2 with a 3.92 ERA. On June 16 that year, Colon pulled a muscle taking a swing in an Interleague game at Philadelphia. He pitched just once more time for Boston. When the team offered him a chance to pitch in the bullpen in the playoffs, Colon decided to go home instead. At that point, it sure seemed like Colon’s career was winding down. The Goat was still pitching a decade later and hitting bombs!!

Bartolo Colon

Thank you for reading another article posted by Fenway Faithful Sports written By Mosess Menendez and be sure to check out our flagship podcast that you can find in our menu button. This is a list of opinions and if you have any players you wanna add to the list be sure to just comment where you see it at and let’s have some fun talking about it .

Author: Mosess Menedez

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